• you CAN become the writer your business needs.

  • introducing...

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    amazing (cause you've got things to say). . . & frustrating(because finding the words to capture your ideas is haaaarrrrrd). There are days when you stare at blank screens & empty pages willing the words to appear. But the formulas you've tried (as a last resort) always felt a little...stale. Not you.

    What you're craving more than anything is clarity (how does this copywriting thing actually work?) & a place to start. A place that's grounded in YOUR personality & YOUR values.




    You have a message. You have so much to say (locked in your chest & sitting in your throat) but it never seems to come out the right way. And you know your writing could be powerful but aside from popping it into Grammarly you don't know HOW to get it there.


    Trying on one voice or another like you'd try on a new outfit - always feeling like an imposter inside your own words. You're craving you.

    Consistency would be amazing, with a side of flexibility so you never feel boxed in.

  • You'll never find your voice in a fill-in-the-blank formula.

    You became an entrepreneur by listening to your intuition &
    following the breadcrumbs of your curiosity.
    You're building a business that's

    escapes every box they'd like to put you in,

    & might just change the world.

  • introducing. . .


    A copywriting course for creatives & coaches ready to infuse their writing with soul & personality. It's your voice, in your words + the strategy & psychology that make them work. We're doing so much more than writing a sales page (covered in week 4). We're building a memorable & recognizable brand voice - from the ground up.


  • imagine if...

    Imagine if you always had a place to start.

    A palette of ideas that aligned with your values & your voice.

    A series of writing prompts to get your centred, focused & flowing. Instead of an impatiently blinking cursor.

    I know with clarity the words will flow.

    Imagine if you knew writing techniques that would elevate your words from skimmable to stop & savour.

    Writing techniques designed to help you connect with your clients. Because connection always precedes sales.

    Imagine workbooks that give you a blueprint for all the key pages of your website. So you can understand WHY it's written this way & understand where to break the rules. Because...options & individuality.

    I know you can captivate. I know you can share your message with confidence & creativity.

    And imagine if you didn't have to figure it all out on your own.

    But had a pro copywriter to guide you through each step.

    Someone to help you polish your words & give you feedback on what's working & what needs tweaking BEFORE you reveal it to the world. There's an option just for you.

    I know the value of feedback - I seek it often.

  • you'll learn to combine your brand archetypes, grounded in your values, so you can craft creative, magnetic messages that truly stand out.


    • NOT designed for those who wish to pursue a career in copywriting.
    • NOT for anyone who can't commit at least 2 hours/week to write their website.
    • NOT for anyone looking for short-cuts, fill-in-the-blank formulas or one-size-fits-all templates.  Everything is flexible & customizable.  And there isn't a headline formula to be found.
    • NOT for anyone who believes that business is just business & profits come before people.
    • NOT for anyone who believes that intuition is irrelevant & a holistic approach to business that acknowledges self-care & Spirit is unnecessary.
  • DEEPER THAN WORDS is PERFECT for you if. . .

    • You're ready to find YOUR voice & the confidence to share it.
    • You want a successful business. . . & you're not ready to sacrifice your soul or your integrity to get it.
    • You're on a mission.  You're here to create a change, start a revolution & master the words that will become the catalyst for transformation.
    • You know business isn't a race & there's no finish line - steady & ever-evolving, here we go.
    • You want to do it yourself...maybe with a little support along the way.
    • You want to write. . . powerfully.
    • You love deep thinking & deep feeling.
  • By the end of DEEPER THAN WORDS. . .

    • You'll understand how to use archetypes to create a unique voice & positioning for your brand within your industry.  Because the BEST way to stand out is by declaring what you stand for.  I'll show you how.
    • You'll have written all the key pages of your website. (Homepage, About page, Sales Page) plus you'll know how to craft the little things like taglines & social media bios.
    • You'll understand the basic psychology behind the copywriting on the key pages of your website & why they're structured to take the reader on a specific journey.  Because when you understand the WHY behind the words you'll know how to inspire your clients to take action.
    • You'll have the tools to help you become a better writer and tell your message more powerfully & eloquently.  Because it's the stories which are told well that are remembered.
    • You'll have greater confidence & clarity to express your voice.  And that confidence will illuminate your words & translate into trust.
  • in 5 weeks you CAN become a courageous writer.


    • New content will be revealed in the course platform on Mondays (because overwhelm is real & it shuts us down hard).
    • You'll receive immediate access to all the workbooks you'll need throughout the course so you can get a feel for what's coming atcha.
    • You may want to choose the Together We Write option.  You & I will get together once/week for a 90 min jam session.  I'll help you get unstuck so you can keep moving forward.  I'll help you polish & perfect what you've written because outside perspectives show you where your clients might get stuck.  And, if you're like me, those weekly deadlines are all you need to stay accountable & do the work.
    • You'll have immediate access to the Inspiration Library - inspiration in = words flowing out.
  • each week

    Here's what you'll learn...


    The Foundation

    You'll connect with yourself, your values & your vision



    I'll show you how to combine your archetypes + values into one powerful brand positioning statement.


    Storytelling, Brain Chemistry & Plots That Inspire Us

    You'll learn why every decision to buy begins with emotions & why telling a story is the best way to make 'em feel something.


    Sales Page Walkthrough

    You'll learn how to write the holy grail of website copy - your sales page.


    Editing: where all the real work is done

    I'll show you how to edit what you've written & I pinky promise there isn't a grammar lesson in sight.

  • about page workbook

    With writing prompts, 2 options for structuring the page, a list of things to keep in mind & lots of examples to fuel your creativity.

    creative naming guide
    ($37 value)

    In this workbook…

    >> I’ll walk you through my favourite creative naming strategy as we name a pretend business together.

    >> I’ll give you plenty of space to go through each step yourself so you never have to leave the doc to start brainstorming

    >> And if you’re still stumped I’ll give you a list of my favourite go-to places to find name inspiration - including where I found the inspiration for MY business name

    >> Plus a list of my 5 favourite websites to help you find the perfect, magical mix of words to describe what you do

    sales page workbook
    ($47 value)

    What’s inside. . .

    >> the 3 conditions that determine the length of a sales page

    >> 5 questions to get you started & give you clarity so you’re not staring at a blank page.

    >> a description of the various sections of a sales page (from hook to CTA & everything in between) the psychology behind each one & whether it’s mandatory or optional.

    >> fillable sections so you never have to leave the document

    >> an example walking you through one of my own sales pages. I’ll show you real copy for each of the mandatory sections so you can see it in action.

    tagline checklist
    ($11 value)

    What should be in a tagline?

    I'll walk you through a funny but helpful flowchart so you know what you should be focusing on. I'll ask you questions to help figure out things like...competitive advantage (pinky swear it's not that scary). Plus a list of things to avoid.

    Homepage Workbook

    Loaded with writing prompts, options for structuring your homepage & guidance for crafting amazing opt-ins.

    elevate your words
    ($11 value)

    A PDF containing 14 of my favourite literary devices & writing techniques (with examples) to help you take your writing from ho-hum to pro. It's the little things like rhythm & Rule of 3 that add vibrancy to your words.

    hell yes hooks and headlines
    ($37 value)

    You'll Learn...

    • Why creative, compelling hooks & headlines are so important.

    • The 2 ingredients that will get your headlines noticed.

    • The difference between giving it all away & creating curiosity.

    • I'll walk you through 2 examples one from a service-based biz & one from a product-based biz.

    • It's a fillable workbook that gives you room to practice what you've learned using the same 3 step process.

    Getting unstuck
    ($11 value)

    You’ll receive...

    >> 7 strategies to prevent getting stuck in the first place.

    >> 8 in the moment unblocking methods when you need it the most.

    >> 9 writing prompts to help you put words on the page today.

    content creation workbook
    ($37 value)

    You’ll receive. . .

    >> 20 thought provoking questions with examples

    >> a fillable workbook so you never have to leave your computer

    >> an example brainstorm for “entrepreneurship”

    >> questions you can use over & over again any time you need to hit refresh on ideas for you blog/vlog/podcast or social media

    irresistible product descriptions ($37 value)


    >> the 2 parts of a product description & why each is essential.

    >> 18 questions designed to get you thinking & approach your product descriptions with a creative new angle.

    >> 11 examples from real companies who know how to talk about their stuff with humour, humanity & style.

    >> an 18-page fillable PDF workbook so you never have to leave your screen

  • meet the teacher

    Hi, I'm Jess.

    The CEO & Creative Director of Heartlines Copywriting Studio & best-selling author of The Power of Personality for Your Small Business.​​


    I'm dusting off my B.Ed. and B.A.H. in psychology to bring you DEEPER THAN WORDS: a Copywriting Course for Creatives & Coaches. Because I know you can create a voice for your brand that feels true to who YOU are, attracts the clients you desire & become a captivating writer in the process.

    • I believe the best way to BE seen is to make others FEEL seen.
    • I believe the best way to build your bottom line is to build relationships.
    • I believe you can find the confidence to be yourself without the masks AND still be taken seriously as a professional.
    • I believe in calling in sales without selling your soul.
    • I believe energy follows intention & when you write with intention you can feel the truth of your words carry the weight of your message.

    I believe YOU can become a courageous, captivating writer.

    I believe YOU can harness the power of words.

  • deeper than words

    is about the confidence & clarity to express YOUR voice.
    It's the psychology that makes the words work
    & the storytelling that makes them come alive!


  • Here's some love from some of the creative, soulful entrepreneurs I've worked with one-on-one.

    Working with Jess has been simply amazing.

    Allison Dodd

    Jess has an ability to get to know & understand her clients very quickly, with an uncanny ability to take what was a jumbled mess in my head & turn it into a brand!


    Jess has provided me with a brand expression that is truly me, it speaks my language & more importantly, the language of my clients. When your clients say to you 'it's like you're talking straight to me', you know your branding message is on point.


    The process is thorough & leaves no stone unturned. Lean into the process, you won't be disappointed with the quality of work that Jess provides you, she actively promotes that you provide feedback & ask for clarification, she isn't someone who delivers & thinks her job is done.


    I can't recommend Jess enough, let's face it, standing out from the crowd in an online world needs some pretty savvy copy & Jess from Heartlines Copywriting is just the person to help you stand out.

    Jess was able to convey everything that I want to convey to potential clients but haven't been able to do on my own.

    Shauna Westall

    This was my first experience hiring someone to write copy. I had no idea how the process would work, but Jess made everything so easy and clear, from our initial contact all the way through to final drafts. I was curious about how Jess would be able to craft something that would represent me based on the quiz. When she sent the rough drafts, along with explanations, I was blown away. She was able to articulate everything that I want to convey to potential clients but haven't been able to do on my own. As someone new to this, I also appreciated that Jess took time to give concrete examples of how I can tweak my copy to fit various needs.


    I understand why this business is named "Heartlines". Jess's gift is the ability to cut through all the extra stuff and figure out what truly drives a business owner and makes them "tick." Now my clients will have a sense of what makes me unique and why I may be right for them.

    Heartlines provided copy that truly sounded like me.

    April Ebeling

    As a new entrepreneur funds are tight & I'm reluctant to spend money on something I should be able to do myself. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, the website copy sounded very generic & lacked personality...not good when you're trying to make sales online! Heartlines came to my rescue & provided copy that truly sounded like me. Jess was very easy to work with & took the time to learn about my business. She's passionate about what she does & has a natural gift with words. I would highly recommend hiring her so that you sound like the professional you are. Good copy is truly priceless...I like to say that she made my copy sing!

  • FAQs

    1. What happens when I enrol?

    Great question! If you decide that joining DEEPER THAN WORDS is right for you then you have the option of paying with Stripe or Paypal at the bottom of the page.
    Once you've enrolled, you'll receive a welcome email with your login details for the course so you can have immediate access to the welcome content, the Inspiration Library, & the Bonus Workbooks.

    2. How much time can I expect to spend on this course?

    You should expect to set aside & devote at least 2 hours/week to writing your course. There is a LOT of content packed into each week & because I don't believe fill-in-the-blanks will get you the results you desire you'll need time to brainstorm, dream &...write. If you'd like extra accountability + guidance I suggest you choose the Together We Write option that includes weekly editing sessions with me.

    4. Is there a payment plan?

    Sort of. You can choose to pay in full at the bottom of this page. If you need a payment plan option you're going to need to email me at hello@heartlinescopywritingstudio.com because I haven't got the technology sorted out yet. I can offer you 4 equal payments billed 4 weeks apart if you choose to pay in instalments.

    5. Is there a self-paced version?


    Yes! If you're a lone wolf, fairly confident in your writing ability or just love to engage with things at your own pace I've got a self-paced option for you.



    6. The timing isn't right for me. When will the course be offered next?


    Great question! At this point, I have no idea. But if you choose to join the waitlist I promise you'll be the first to know when we run it again.



    7. What's your refund policy?


    You'll have 3 weeks (21 days) from the start of the course to try it out. If you can show me that you have done the work & still feel like this course isn't a good fit for you, then I will refund your money in full.

    If however, you haven't completed any of the work there will be no refund.
    This course (like any course) will only ever have value for those who show up & do the work. We've all been victims of shiny object syndrome & FOMO I only want you to purchase this course if you know it's the right time & right content for you. If you have questions or want to talk it out you can email me at hello@heartlinescopywritingstudio.com

    8. How will my business benefit from this course?

    You'll walk away with all the key pages of your website written.

    You'll create a unique, consistent, flexible brand voice that helps you stand out in your industry while standing firm in your values. It's the best way to connect with your ideal clients.
    You'll understand the strategy & psychology behind the key pages of your website so you can better inspire your clients to take action, increasing your conversions & learning to think strategically about your client's journey through your website & email nurture sequences.
    You'll have writing tools & techniques to make your writing more compelling, increasing your open rates & the time people spend actually reading your messages.
    You'll have greater clarity & confidence expressing yourself which may not come with a metric but make no mistake - it'll get noticed.

  • More love from the one-on-one entrepreneurs who have worked with Heartlines.

    She took the time to learn my business, my personality & my audience.

    Jenn Allison

    Jess was a perfect fit for me. Her attention to detail, professionalism & care for you & your business is apparent from the first interaction. Her process was precise, professional & seamless.

    She walked me through the evolution of the copy to help me understand how she arrived at the final options. I can’t express how much I appreciated her sharing this with me. I felt she really took the time to learn my business, my personality & my audience & because of that and she nailed it! I will definitely be working with Jess again & would highly recommend her multiple times over.

    The right words with the right message for the right audience.

    Marie Hunter

    I had the opportunity to work with Jessica to revamp the copy on various pages of my website. I tried several times to write snappy sales copy to target my specific niche & failed miserably while wasting a lot of time. Jessica helped me craft the right message, with the right words, for the right audience. She truly has a gift for writing copy that captures attention. And in just two short weeks, I was able to revamp my website copy that made me feel confident I was targeting the right people while clearly explaining what I offer. I highly recommend Jessica as a copywriter, especially if you are looking for someone who is quick, professional & has a gift with words.


    I felt in very good hands.

    Sabine Biesenberger

    Working with Jessica on some of my sales pages was a great experience. As I’m not a native speaker, writing copy & expressing my thoughts in English using the right words is hard… let alone writing emotional-laden & influential copy for a sales page. From the moment I signed up, until the last email exchange, I felt in very good hands. She is a true professional. Due to her fantastic and to the point writing style (drizzled with lots of emotions & real life examples) the copy she delivered captures the readers’ attention & stands out. And thanks to the writing & review process she established the copy was written faster than expected (& as the quality was fantastic it didn’t even need a final round of edits!). Thanks Jessica for your great & timely work that gets me results. I highly recommend you as a copywriter!

  • week by week

    Here's what you'll learn


    The Foundation

    Connect with yourself, your value & your vision.

    Discover your top 3 Brand Archetypes, what they mean for your business & your writing.

    Discover your core brand values & how to make them your own.

    15 soul-searching questions taken from the creative brief I use with my clients to make sure you start with clarity.




    I'll teach you how to combine your brand archetypes & brand values into one powerful brand positioning statement.

    Then, we deconstruct what we've written into little pieces like social media bios & taglines.


    You'll write your Homepage.

    We'll use the brand positioning statement as a jumping-off point for writing the rest of your website.

    You'll meet 3 example brands we're going to use throughout the course. I'll show you how to go from ideas to words.


    Storytelling, Brain Chemistry & Plots That Inspire Us

    You'll learn why every decision to buy begins with emotions & why telling a story is the best way to make 'em feel something.

    The 3 Plots that inspire us to feel AND act.

    You'll write your About Page.

    I'll show you how to incorporate your values & archetypes into your About Page.

    BONUS LESSON: how to write hooks & headlines that make 'em say "Hell yes! Tell me more."


    Sales Page Walkthrough

    You'll learn how to write the holy grail of website copy - your sales page.

    All the sections you might want to include on your sales page, which ones are mandatory & which are optional. Plus, the psychology behind each section because when you understand what you're trying to accomplish you have a much better chance of writing well.

    How to integrate your values & archetypes into your sales page.


    You'll find lots of examples from which to draw inspiration.

    BONUS LESSON: how to write product descriptions for all your digital & real products.


    Editing: where all the real work is done.

    I'll show you 5 different filters you can use (one at a time) to smooth out the rough edges & polish it up.

    I pinky promise there isn't a grammar lesson in sight.


    The Bonuses

    You'll receive immediate access to all the bonus materials...

    Content Creation Workbook

    Getting Unstuck - how to bust through writer's block.

    Creative Naming - for all your products & services

    The Inspiration Library - because we're entrepreneurs AND we're whole human beings who struggle with self-doubt & can always use a little extra self-love. Prayers + Affirmations + Poetry + Writing Prompts + Quotes + Meditations.


    Coming Soon....

    I see this course as a living, evolving offer. Here's what I'd love to add soon...

    Email Nurture Sequences - there are so many ways to write 'em I'll show you my favourite.

    Anatomy of a Blog Post - what makes a great blog post and how to write them.

  • It's time to find YOUR voice.

    It's time to harness the power of YOUR words,
    to connect, inspire, unite, heal &
    bring your business to life.

  • weekly workbooks

    Here are the list of materials you'll receive with each week of content...


    The Foundation

    • Brand Archetype Quiz
    • Brand Values Workbook


    • Brand Positioning Cheat Sheet
    • Tagline Checklist

    Storytelling, Brain Chemistry & Plots That Inspire Us

    • 3 Plots Cheat Sheet
    • About Page Workbook
    • Hell Yes Hooks & Headlines

    Sales Page Walkthorugh

    • Sales Page Workbook
    • Product Descriptions Workbook


    • 5 Filters for Editing Cheat Sheet
    • Elevate Your Words Workbook
  • More love from creative, soulful entrepreneurs who have worked with Heartlines one-on-one.

    I am now moving forward with confidence.

    Diana Comberiati

    Before working with Jessica Drury of Heartiness, I felt stuck. I had ideas, but I couldn’t narrow down the exact way to say what I wanted to communicate. I tried a few copywriters but they just gave me a grammatically correct version of the notes I provided. Working with Jessica was completely different. She asked questions. Lots of questions. She spent time getting to know what my business was about and how I wanted to present it to the public. I am now moving forward with my website & sales material with confidence. I wish I had found Jessica before I wasted $100’s on other copywriting. I have already recommended Jessica to clients who want premium content for their websites.

    After working with Jess, I better understood my brand & had a clearer idea of where I was headed

    Laurie Villarreal

    I often hesitate when choosing a copywriter because I fear I won't like the work & will then have paid for something I don't like. I loved how Jess took the time to understand my brand & my target clients. The branding quiz that we started with incredibly helpful in better understanding my brand & it also helped me to better explain my target audience. After working with Jess, I better understood my brand & had a clearer idea of where I was headed. I'd absolutely recommend Jess to anyone with a business who's in need of a seriously good copywriter. She was a pleasure to work with, on time, & worked very hard to create copy that I loved. I can count on great work & collaboration with Jess. She'll be my go-to copywriter from now on. In the end, her writing was perfect for me & my brand and I loved the final result.

    Really listened to what I had to say...

    Anita Howes

    My experience with Jess was amazing! She sat down with me to review my ideas for my photography website. Questions were asked, she took notes & really listened to what I had to say, the story behind how & why I decided to start up a photography business.
    The process was very easy & actually enjoyable. I don't have the patience for doing stuff like this so when Jess emailed me the rough copies of each page I instantly teared up because she put my background story in there so perfectly & it's such a sentimental thing for me to have in there.
    Jess was very knowledgeable & has an amazing way with words. She had great suggestions, provides input & feedback & is just an all around fabulous person. I would highly recommend her to anyone that doesn't have the time or patience, or just wants a very professional, polished-up website. I'm very proud of the way everything came together, could not be happier.

  • Questions??

    Please ask away. If you hate contact forms my email is hello@heartlinescopywritingstudio.com